Mr Beautiful, I WANT YOU!

Mile High (Up In The Air #2) - R.K. Lilley

 He does it again! I am mesmerised with him! Am definitely gonna recap my Mr. Beautiful again! 



Bianca and James faces few demon in their pasts and it's up to me make their relationship work and trust each other! As we all know James has been a manwhore before this! 


Facing his exes is yikes and a big challenge for Bianca!!!! At times, Bianca needs kick, instead of talking with him first about that white elephant, she decides to jump into his bed! Well, I wonder how much of self-control I might have in that situation!




"Unless part of my convincing you was that you want to get fucked against the nearest wall, I'd start walking, Buttercup!"


These two only get hotter and steamier.... GAH, MR. BEAUTIFUL IS REALLY GOOD! Dom as he can be! That playground of his........... He definitely is well stocked! 

I love the way he is so thoughtful for all her needs! I wanna to be pampered like that too *giggles*



"Nothing in my life has ever felt so perfect as being inside of you"


"I was a slut once with my body, but I've never been a slut with my heart"


"I'm going to drink your milk like this when you breastfeed our children"


That man is really makes my leg go jelly!!!!! He simply does it right! Every action, every move even every word that comes out from his mouth is delicious!!!


So, don't wait pick Mr Beautiful up and enjoy their adventure!!!