My Dear I Wanted To Tell You - Louisa Young

I broke my heart, cried, laughed, fell in love!
I was deeply moved by the relationship between Riley Purefoy and Nadine....So sweet!!!!! But falling in love during in a war zone was never easy. Dayum, and their social class mattered so much too! Grrr

Riley and Nadine fell in love, Riley went to war, she become a nurse..... bam a telegram arrives, their life totally changes... terrible lie that made both miserable and hopelessly in love. They sacrificed, suffered and were in pain. Their love journey was not serene, but it was beautifully painful. But they found each other.
So so so broke my heart!!!!

"Nadine, We're here, we're alive, we love each other.Let's be happy"

"He came straight to her.... His case fell to the floor as he snaked his arm round her waist and there was a tiny perfect pause before he kissed and kissed and kissed her" *my heart only can stand some much*

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"Now I know and I am part of it all and part of myself and him"

I just adore this book! :) I will read over and over again.

Salute for all our soldiers serving in war zone. Prayers for safety there!

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