Rocked Under (Rocked, #1) - Cora Hawkes
This book is a STONKER!!!!!!!

OMG OMG FINALLY!!!!!!!! I can't breathe now.... way too much UST!! I felt like kicking them both! Phew!
Now, I need Book 2! Fast fast like now!!!
One thing am I sure about, Scott Mason, ruined any rock stars I had in mind before this!

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Scott and Emma mind blowing. Scott is too hot and he is rock star, how better can this story get!
And beautiful Emma is British *winks*

"He pulled me into him roughly as his stormy, green eyes glittered down into mine. I didn't have a second to catch my breath before his lips met mine" Oooo "Is this what you wanted, Emma? To drive me over the fuckin' edge?" *huffs and puffs*

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These two only hot!! You will love them!

My Scott & Emma
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