Unscrupulous (The Manhattanites, #2) - Avery Aster
"They haven't changed much since this morning. Do they still turn you on?"
" Very much so. I'm in awe each time I see you. It's a new experience every time. You're everything I've ever wanted. You're all I need"

This book is simply HOLY HOTNESS BATMAN!

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"So, you're saying - you want to see my pen** again?"

OOOOO YES, Please Big Daddy!!

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The story begins with our beautiful successful lady, Taddy Brill who she runs her own PR company and enjoy her days with her best mates. Her parents shut her out and shipped her to a boarding school during her childhood. My Taddy:

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And her life crosses path with our yummy delicious hot magical Warner "Big-Daddy" Truman, a billionaire who owns resorts. He has his own past. N my Warner:

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These two meet in St. Barths, the connection and attraction is instant! But they get separated! Fast forward to Cannes, where Kiki, Taddy's assistant is in trouble. N BAM they meet again.

Everything turns into juicy and spicy. These two are so hot, the sex scenes are amazing.

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Unscrupulous was perfectly written book with all the mixed in from hot sex to mystery!
My only wish was there was more of Taddy and Warner as a couple that shows their relationship more <3<br/>A book to sit back and enjoy!

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**ARC provided by publisher**