Hard As It Gets  - Laura Kaye

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My first book and I am in love with her writing and this series!

Nothing can go wrong in this book - all the right mixture is in it!
Ex-Army Special Forces, Tattooed, Impressive Biceps, Hard Chest, Intelligence, Super Adorable, Hot, Delicious

Let's me introduce this fine specimen of man to you, Nick Rixey!

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And our cute heroine, Becca Merritt,

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Becca has no choice but to seek Nick's help! Her brother Charlie goes missing! She seeks Nick for help and everything between them not only becomes hot and hotter and Nick brings his team for this rescue mission! Alwiz hands off for our military team! Things that they have to deal with and yet they are the best!!!!!!

You will fall in love and enjoy every moment for this book! Thumbs up! Am already looking for my next book from this author.
And so can't wait for Shane's story next for the those missing answers about their mission! LOL

"Are you wet for me?"
"Oh, f**k, sunshine, you are so wet."
"I am wound too tight Becca. Do you understand? in about ten seconds, I'm going to be all over you. And I'm not going to be able to go slow. It's gonna be hard and fast and rough."

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"The man had big freaking hands, and his fingers stretched and filled her until her blood hummed and raced"

"Nice ass"

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I need a drink! This book is brilliant! Hope you all will enjoy it too! <3<br/>
**ARC provided by publisher**