Unbeautifully - Madeline Sheehan This book was so brilliant! Thumbs up to Madeline Sheehan! Such a perfection in her writing!

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This books picks straight from Book 1. After all the drama with Frankie, now we see how their lives are changed a lot! Eva and Deuce struggling to be with each other. Ripper with tat scars in face. My emotions went up n down!! Love this book so much.

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Bikers are bikers and they are brothers and stick together. I love tat!

Now, back to Ripper, our hot sizzling man looking like surfer from Cali :) Expect he has scars and lost his meaning for life until Danny! Danny and Ripper has amazing chemistry, just like Eva and Deuce (I love them). Oooo Cage is hot too, Deuce's son!

There is drama, love, hatred, sadness, anger,hotness,serene, and everything we need. Couldn't put this book down.

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"Danny, you keep touchin' me like that and I ain't gonna be responsible for what I end up doin" n it begins for Danny and Ripper :)

"You're my reason, Deuce" "You have always been"
"Eva, marry me, darlin"


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