Dangerous to Know & Love - Jane Harvey-Berrick
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I'm not trying to fix you, Daniel. I just want you to be happy. I love you just the way you are"
"Because you're kind, and good, and sweet, and funny. Because I feel happy when I am with you. You make me feel protected, safe. You're everything"

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This book is sensational! My first book from this author and I was blown away! Everything about this book is perfect! Took us into an another world. Trust me, it is fabulous book and must read!

Our dazzling attractive hero, tattooed, pierced with a Harley and he is such a package for bad boy, meet Daniel Colton!
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N our gorgeous studious girl, Lisanne who loves music too much :)
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These two are so cute and adorable together.......Their journey had moments of tear-inducing, heartbreaking and love. Daniel Colton is "the man" (as he claims). His fingers are magical! That boy is really really talented!!!!! Blast my stupid hormones!

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Baby KISS him 1 more time!

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Oooo not to forget, Daniel Colton has a "dirty mouth" *grins*

So, can I show you my other favourite sport now?
What's that?
I told you - fucking!
Wanna play, baby?

Not sure about that, baby. My dick belongs in you *oh my*

I don't give a shit who you fuck as long it's not baby doll because that's my job

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I am not gonna give away anything from this book even the plot LOL Because the story is ace, breathtaking with touch of whiff of reality! My heart plummeted and cried but there were so many moments where it danced with happiness!

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This book is brilliant!

Just completed an intense three and a half hour interview. This is how I am feeling:

Re-read this book on 30 July 2013! *I really love this one*

So... when was the last time you made a million Dollar film