Own the Wind  - Kristen Ashley

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My Shy

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Motorcycle man is one of my all time fav bikers books! TACK AND TYRA *love them both*

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Following on from Motorcylce Man in the Dream Man series, this book focuses on Tabitha (the daughter of Kane 'Tack' Allen) & Parker 'Shy' Cage (one of the 'brothers' in the MC gang). This was a kick ass book! It was built up to go with a boom! The story was excellent - it covered a period of a few years and a lot of life changing events for both Tabitha & Park - emotionally, I was all over the place with how they both had to wade their way through....

N Shy and Tabby burns the book in that steam factor department!

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"I dreamed a dream and there I was, a ring on my finger, my man's mouth on mine, standing with my dream, feeling it come real"

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"I love you"
"Good, but don't say that shit to me three feet away. Get the fuck over here"

Loved Lan, Shy's brother, and I hope to see his story too :) Military man!

My Tabby

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Shy and Tack, they are delicious bikers!!! Oh boy, why am I such a sucker for bikers?

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