The Sea of Tranquility - Katja Millay What did I think......
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This book blew me away! It was captivating, heartbreaking, enchanting, ballsy, antsy and broken!!

It is between love story between Natsya and Josh and her friendship with Drew.

"I hate my left hand. I hate to look at it. I hate it when it stutters and trembles and reminds me that my identity us gone" That's our lady, Natsya!
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"When my mom died, I went through the angry phase" He is broken, surviving a tragedy alone and loves to woodworking, our hero, Josh!

The story picks up slowly.... Natsya and Josh are in the world of hiding and they stare each other and there's a pull between them. I was screaming or wanting her to talk... bummer, tat was a torture for me. Patience surely is needed!! *giggles* N ooo Josh was my sweet adorable boy! I so adore him.

Fate brings them together and they start to spend time, n she speaks, finally! THe journey is so sweet! There is pain, struggle, love, love and surviving!!!

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"Good morning sunshine"
"Not my fault that you're distractingly pretty"
"So sleep with me"
"I lied....I told him you were mine"
"Just so you didn't lie"
OMG!!!!!!!!! These two are sweetest!

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A book that you have to read if you ready for a roller coaster love!

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My Josh

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My Natsya

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N Drew
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