Rule (Marked Men, #1) - Jay Crownover ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE

Brilliant. Rule is simply mesmerising! Loved Shaw n Rule. Opposite definitely explodes!
N freaking read this book over and over again!

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That guy on the the cover is AMAZINGLY hot, I dont think they could have found a better Rule if they scoured the earth. SCORE!!!! Def My Rule too:

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Tattoo artist Rule Archer is bad ass, tattooed, pierced up with his own cool style and bad boy of his family and doesnt give a heck.On that note, I am so wishing he was my tattoo artist *winks* No complaints, my tattoo artist was equally hot in his way *winks*

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Shaw, our heroine who has been in love with him since she was 13. Her duty is drag him out the bed every Sunday for to his family house. My Shaw:

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And when the situation brings them closer, they become hotter!!!!

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Add in a bit of drama and this is absolutley a book to read its HOT HOT HOT!

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One word: Tattoo boys r friggin' hot! They know wot they doin' *winks* Rule did! And I am a sucker for them!

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