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Remy reminded me of Travis. No right words can explain how hot Remy was. He is beautifully broken boy and he is oozed with hotness! I'm just a sucker for the bad boys :) what can I say?

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I loved Real. Remy is alpha - protective and jealous in his way. Brooke is strong, and caring. There is a lot of wanting and sexual tension before they finally get it on -but only once Remy reveals what's been holding him back. But there is still a twist that keeps the story going. It gripped me and drew me in.

The story was good and perfect. Definitely can't wait for her next book!

Remy is Remy!!!!! I love this alpha male side..... boxer *swoons* He is one bootylicious man!

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" Brooke Dumas, I am Remington" and I am done!!

My Remy
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Okie dokie, time for Remy

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