In The Stillness - Andrea Randall
Right now, this book was a big dipper for me! BLIMEY!!!!

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This is heart-breaking, messed-up, broken, dark, captivating, disturbing love story!!! I so wanna jump into the book and hug Ryker. Natalie, there were times so wanna give her a big slap! Gosh, I really did want her to stop messing other people's lives if she was unsure of hers! Natalie, our woman, is broken herself and her mind is never strong, so in the beginning she runs away from problems when she finds an opportunity. N she finds comfort in cutting!

Natalie meet Ryker, who is in National Guard and they fall in love. I love their first meeting!

"I'm Natalie, you're cute"
"Thanks, I'm Ryker Manning. You're hot"
"National Guard, huh?"
"National Guard."

And he kissed her *swoons*

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Ryker was sent to Afghanistan and when he returns, our boy is messed-up with nightmares as he lost his best friend, Lucas right in front of his eyes in the battlefield. Life is so nasty and horrible. Re-experiencing isn’t just remembering. In PTSD, remembering is an emotional, intrusive, unwanted and vivid re-experiencing of events (thoughts, sights, sounds and smells), which is very distressing.

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Ryker was going a hell and Nat made him feel better but things weren't going on smooth, Nat left him. N Ryker so lost in.

Am I damaged to you? I broke my heart!

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Now, she finds herself married with Eric and she has twins. Something she never wanted. I feel sorry for Eric as he was trying the best but Nat seems not to bother him, the way she treats him, I would blame him for anything. But towards the middle of the book, I kinda feel sorry for her as she was tough enough to wake up and fix all those issues. I was so chuffed that she made it. Meeting Ryker again was so so emotional!!!!!

"I guess, since it's ends with us sitting on my porch swing like a couple of old people" OMG Ryker!!! I am lost for words!

My Ryker
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My Nat
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It is a beautiful love story with second chance, lotsa pain, challenges and hurt! So worth the read!!!

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