Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4) - Kristen Ashley Well, how shall I begin?
This book was lovely and a fun hot read!

Our hot handsome goatee alpha hero, tattooed, motorcycle man, Tack with beautiful red hair Tyra rocked the book.
For the starters, Tequila with sizzling hot motorcycle can never go wrong!

photo tumblr_mo6wv2OZaz1qbnvlgo1_250.gif

I love bossy Tack :) Tyra and Tack slept with each other the day before without knowing that Tack is gonna be her boss next day! So the fun and fights begins. They had their days of nightmare, love, challenges and sadness. It was just nice!

Only negative points was there was wee bit too much of repetition of words in a fight! That got me bored!

Few Tack cute words :

When Tack seeing Tyra with her yoga clothing : " Jesus, what the fuck you got on?" Oh handsome!
"Come here baby, I want a kiss then I gotta get some shuteye. I'm fuckin' wiped"
"Baby, get your ass in the kitchen so I can feed you and my kids and get on the road" Oh yeah, tat hot man is great cook!
"Because you're Chaos. They ain't Chaos, darling"
"Shut up, Red... I'm gonna kiss you"
"Christ! She wears me out"...... Hello, Hot Biker! LOL
"There a reason why my woman's knees are bleedin'? Awww my woman *swoons*

My Tack


N my Tyra


Anyone who loves bikers n bad boys, tis book comes like a treat!