Sometimes Never - Cheryl McIntyre
I am seriously messed up
That's Hope! She is broken from child, and her childhood memories affects her until today. They ain't very pretty ones. She finds herself cutting from the release.

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Enters, Mason, our hero. He is just so adorable. Their journey is beautiful. It started slow, picked up to intense, then it was BAM!!! I really enjoyed this story.

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Do you still want to kiss me?
More than ever.
Kiss me.

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I don't know why I want him. Need him.
I want you to be with me. Just me. Like your boyfriend.
We're official.
You can sink your teeth into me anytime you want. I'm all yours.
I was promised shamrock boxers. Are you going to deliver?
You're fucking awesome, Mason Patel and I'm grateful you're mine.

There so many sweet moments between *swoons* Mason is one hot, adorable, caring, romantic boy!!

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I can't wait for Parker's story, I do feel sorry for him when Hope breaks up with him... The connection happened with Mason, Hope felt alive!

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My Mason
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My Hope
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