Metamorphosis (Book Boyfriend, #1) - Erin Noelle 5 FLIPPING STELLAR SPESH STARS

"She was forever my Psyche, my butterfly"

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I AM SO IN LOVE WITH ASH!!!! He is so gonna be my new book boyfriend :)

Reading this book not only gave me happiness, I also developed a love and hate relationship. This book is physically, emotionally and mentally draining! By the end, I was screaming out loud for Ash and Scarlett, probably even for that caring bad boy Mason!

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A beautifully witten story about a girl, Scarlett coming out of her shell to discover herself after being living with her parents under a very controlled manner. She has Evie for all. She moves out for college and her discovery begins... First enters my boy, ASH WALKER!!! Bloody hell, I have no idea but the moment he entered in the picture, I was gone by the wind *swoosh* I became his prisoners! Gorgeous, lush, delish, scrummy, charming, sports boy *fans myself*

My Ash *winks, ain't he so swoon-worthy*
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The moment Ash meets Scarlett, they have this instant chemistry and I love them both together. Everything was go on fine, enters Dylan, I just wanted him to bugger off. He was there just to boost Ash's territory rights!!! <3<br/>
And our darling Ash has to spoilt by saying he can't stay committed! BAM!!! And they decide to be friends, which ain't looking good as they have way too much of chemistry. I love their Saturday night, so sweet. Ash calling her Psyche, Butterfly!!!! So adorable!

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Along the way, Scarlett meets bad boy rock star Mason!!!! I didn't much attractive between them, he surely know his stuff well! He is a master. Unfortunately, I fell in love with SCOTT MASON from Rocked Under and RULE too much. I blame them for ruining Mason for me. But I do like his character! Mason teaches her stuff and he loves her! Scarlett is his angel :) Scarlett was in an anger mode when she did things she might have regretted! Damn Ash for that!

My Mason:
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There is a major heartbreak in this book..... you have to read to find out! Ain't letting the cat out! I was so lost for words!!!

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And my Scarlett
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A gripping story, angst-filled and beautiful.

"Psyche is the term the Greeks use for butterflies, but the name of Psyche in Greek literally means soul. Thus the butterfly, based on this epic love story, is commonly used to depict the immortality of human soul"

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