Cutters vs. Jocks - Elizabeth Marx "Superstar jocks don't fall in love with cutters. ......And jocks certainly don't fall in love with cutters"

This novella left me wanting for more, how glad am I now that Binding Arbitration is already available to read. I don't think my heart can stand too long as it is now I'm crying!

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Elizabeth "Libby" Tucker is a small-town girl who life definitely was challenging, but she has big dreams of graduating from Indiana University and continuing on to attend the prestigious Harvard Law School. Meet her:

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Banford Aidan Palowski is an All-American jock from a wealthy California family, who has dreams of playing baseball in the major leagues. And meet my Aidan:

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When Libby and Aidan meet sparks fly and interests are at a peak level, and they engage in a year and a half game of cat-n-mouse. Aidan is relentless in pursuing Libby *that boy really did hard work*, nothing happens but they remain close mates. UST undeniable hot *fans myself*

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"Now, that I'd met Aidan, I had a glimmer of understanding of what Jeanne felt for my father. Love is a kind of madness - crazy runs in my family"

"Plus you and I have things to settle between us"
"Like what?"
"Those lustful thoughts you're dealing with"

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But then, one night he saves her from some frat boys and Libby's determination is not as solid as it once was. Please please I would so to be rescued in that manner!!! *dayuum, that one hot kiss* *sighs* And after that things gets pretty heated up...... AND circumstances pull them apart!!

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Cutters vs Jocks is a fast-paced, fun and sensual novella that will make your toes curl. I really really loved it!!!!