Beneath the Burn - Pam Godwin
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Where do I begin? I am having way too much of emotions right now!

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The story was certainly wowzer! Completely blow me away. Feels like a whole new world out there to explore.

Let's begin with our heroine, blue-eyed Charlee
" A girl on the run needs plain looks to go unnoticed. No identifiable marks"

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Hero, hottie gorgeous rock star, Jay
He wasn't an addict. He was a self-medicating nut job

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And finally villain, Roy
Delusional psychobabble.

Beneath the Burn is gritty, intense, passionate. I experienced an untold amount of emotions. There are some intense scenes, but it was comfortable to read. Totally gripping from the first page, heartbreaking read. What Charlee has to go through is just horrible, miserable and sick! But she is so brave & strong, and Jay.... *melts* He was simply amazing.

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Charlee and Jay's characters definitely touched me deeply. Jay is the perfectly tortured artist. Their connection was wonderful and steamy too! With an absolutely perfect ending. N I love effing loved rock stars

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"No matter what happens, no matter where we go from here, we go together."

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