Stay with Me - Elyssa Patrick 5 MELTING ADORABLE STARS

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How can you not love Caleb?!

"I'm so glad you came here, Hailey. So very, very glad. You are my every heartbeat, and I love you"

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My God, this book turned me on, made me melt and smile! I love this book :) There’s something about the intimacy and connection between Caleb and Hailey that definitely not only melts but keep you gripped to their story. It was a very sweet love story and it's beautiful journey!

My sweet and adorable Caleb
"And you were all dark and mysterious in the shadows"

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And our heroine, Hailey, who is teenager movie star, singer and leaves everything behind for a normal life.
"But you walked out onto that deck, so shiny, so bright"

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I really warmed to her. I felt for her, where her parents were concerned, but she was strong to fight for what she's wants. N having Caleb right besides her was the best! He was the best boyfriend <3<br/>
I friggin' love Caleb!! And oh boy, everything just gets hot and steamy daily with them!

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Besides Caleb, all this room mates are hot too! I so can't wait to see how they end up!

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Am re-reading this book so frequently, it just makes feel so in love! Elyssa is magical <3 <br/>Caleb so so so my new book boyfriend!

If you are in mood of romance, read this book! Caleb and his mates will bring that romance alive!

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**ARC received from publisher**