Entwined with You - Sylvia Day
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The reason I am actually read thru this book swiftly was for Mr Cross. :) I totally got bored towards 70% of this book. Something quite that I didn't expect, it felt like same old drama going on. Kinda got under my skin, tat's didn't enjoy it anymore.
I seriously don't think that this series is up for 5 books. Totally have a sinking feeling that it will drag on for not reason.

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Eva with silly tracking issue with her mum, give it a break hun! I'm bored listening to whine and getting jealous when Cross almost there with you every night! Oh godness sake, he killed Nathan for you! Wake up!

N Cross, he is still very very hot, delish and gorgeous. I loved his bossy and his forward mouth.Missing that so much.

Perhaps it is just me, as I have been super high impact books and feel me reeling, happy, excited even for the next instalment. This is was disappointing for me. Reckon I expected too much!

Plus point, those sex scenes were really steamy and hot!! Bonus all the way!

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