Dazzled - Jane Harvey-Berrick

Well, I was super excited when Lisa provided me with Dazzled ARC! I was jumping with happiness.

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Jane Harvey-Berrick became my favourite author when I fell in love with Daniel Colton until today <3 <br/>
Let's move from Daniel Colton to Miles Stephens! Miles is a young British actor who moves to LA for audition and lands himself a movie. The moment I picked Dazzled first, Miles reminded me of how Robert Pattinson landed that Twilight audition. LOL Perhaps it's just me!

My Miles:

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On the other hand, Miles best mate, Clare has been in love with him for ages. Yet she doesn't speak her feelings out loud and is always there for him. My Clare:

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There was ups and downs in Miles's journey of becoming movie stars. He starts dating, attending premieres etc. One fine day, Clare and Miles come together and heat is on!

The only I couldn't love this book was I couldn't really get their connection of Miles and Clare. The vibe was more of best friends. And when Miles gets his head up, their relationship seem rushed.

Overall, it was nice sweet read! <3 <br/>
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**ARC provided by Lisa J. Ashmore **