Deeper We Fall - Chelsea M. Cameron
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I so felt hanging there... I really love the author to write a bonus chapter... My mind was racking to know what happened to Zack and Lexie and on top of that, how will Zan & Lottie be with each other in future! I guess it's up to imagination now *pouts*

Deeper We Fall is a book of heartwarming, beautiful story of love, friendship, siblings and guilt. How they come together to face the past and that have been haunting them both. A beautiful well-written story!

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Lottie, Zan and Zack have a past that they can't forget and forgive.

In Zan's eyes, Lottie was a girl who had a crush for years and froze each time we wanted to talk to her. But then..... that changed.....

"Back to when I was just a boy who had a crush on a girl and couldn't het up the courage to talk to her. Now, the biggest emotion I felt when I looked at her was guilt"

When they meet each other after two years, what happens?

"You were born with wings. You are not meant for crawling, so don't. You have wings. Learn to use them and fly"

Situation begins them closer and they find themselves fall for each other! With all the UST going ard, I so wanted to him to her already but finally he did, it melted my heart!

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Will they let they past win or their future? You just need to pick this book up and read this!

I so loved her twin brother, Will. He was alwiz there for her. A rock! Even Simon! Her mates were all fabulous too!

"Our height difference was going to be an issue, so I pulled her up until she was standing on top of my feet" That was so Edward and Bella moment!

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Well, there is one thing to do: Sit back and enjoy Zan!!! I need more of Zan of course!

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**ARC provided by publisher**